President’s Message

“Pakistan is a beautiful country and its resilient people are its asset; the backbone of the economy. It is them who continue to inspire us in the course of our mission. The potential present amongst our peopleis immense, but it needs direction and empowerment. We at Misbah Momin Foundation (MMF)aim to play our role in providing just that, not just to our fellow citizens, but the world at large, staying in sync with our ethos: serving humankind.”               

Who We Are


Misbah Momin Foundation (MMF) is a non-profit organization, established in 2012. The foundation’s humble efforts commenced in a small room with the personal savings of Misbah Momin and six other foundingmembers. Our first donation,given to us by a three-year-old child, ascertained that there was no turning back. Just like the river flows into the sea, we must give back to the world to keep it replenished.

Despite modest beginnings, increasing social issues across the globe have necessitated critical breakthroughs at MMF through the next stage of its growth and impact.  With a firm belief in “Kun Faya Kun,” a magical phrase of the Lord, Misbah Momim has faith in the power of good intentions and the universe aiding their manifestation.

MMF’s first program, based on income support, was built on a model to aidthe underprivileged, widows, individuals with special needs and orphans, to cover basic amenities like utility bills, rents, and debts . The initial beneficiaries included three people, but within a few years, the numbers started growing, making financial sustainability an issue. This is when the team realized that it needed to revisit its model forlong-term benefits to society and shifted its focus on empowering socially and economically deprived individuals. To this end, MMF initiated a scholarship program for deserving students, along with a program that provided interest free microfinance for new start-up businesses.

About Us

Misbah Momin Foundation (MMF)is a non-profit organization registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 since August 11, 2012, with a registered office in Lahore.

MMF is determined to enlighten and empower individuals by contributing towards the relief of poverty through income support, making public and mental health services accessible and facilitating education and skill development. Our team is also an active advocate of women’s rights, environmental protection and sports.

MMF has been recognized for its impactful effortstowards community welfare since 2012. The foundation has now adopted a more progressive approach to achieve its goals, which is to mobilize entrepreneurial potential in local communities, along with intellectual and social growth.

Community Development

Skill Development
Climate Action
Public Health
Mental Health

Community Service

Kafalat Program
Charity Distribution


Women rights

Ms. Misbah Momin

President - Social worker

Mr. Ali Alam Qamar

Vice President - Businessman

Mr. Muhammad Irfan Elahi

Member - Federal Secretary (R)

Mr. Jamshed Nasir

Treasurer - Consultant - Ophthalmic Surgeon

Ms. Laila Nusrat

Member - Social worker

Ms. Maison Zamir

Member - Publisher

Ms. Meezan Fahd Mukhtar

Member - Housewife

Mr. Mohammad Zaman Ahmad Qamar

Secretary - Businessman

Ms. Navin Anwar Ali

Member - Social worker


To enlighten, enable, empower and evolve people by channelizing their inner potential to creatively carve their own path in life

Mission Statement

We envision a world with the spirit of enabling and empowering individuals through innovation and learning by embracing change